Friday, September 23, 2016

The Donald J. Trump Movement: General Election 2016 And American Nationalism

Written by: Rianna Richards 
Published on Google's on September 23, 2016

We are only 46 days away from the U.S. general election day on November 8th, 2016. Already, there are obvious signs of nervousness and anxiety in the United States as the election day draws near, particularly for the two major parties: The 'Republican Party' of Lincoln and Reagan, and the 'Democratic Party' of George Soros and the Globalists. 

"Our sovereignty as a nation is at stake if we are not going to vote for Donald J. Trump on November 8, 2016." -Rianna Richards

I am not saying this because of my stance in politics. As a Republican and as a loyal supporter of Donald J. Trump, I am saying this out of concerns and especially that I'm aware of the danger that is slowly taking root in our nation, which is the potential threat of a one world government taking control of the United States and all Americans. As Donald J. Trump had always reminded us in his rallies and speeches, "this is our last chance folks!" and he is certainly right about warning us, this could be our last chance of living in a free and civil society. The future of this country is bleak along with the threat of a one world government's potential takeover of the United States that many have compared to a tyrannical dark government that is lurking behind Hillary Clinton and her party, the Democrats.  

In this election, we are going to make that wise choice: 
1. Vote for Donald J. Trump if you love America, want prosperity, an honest government, freedom of religion, lower taxes and liberty or, 
2. Vote for Hillary Clinton if you want a globalist, one-world government to control the U.S., poverty, tyranny, welfare dependent, higher taxes, corruption and oppression of Christians. 

Let me tell you; this is a perilous and treacherous time; the dark forces of globalism have funded chaos and riots in our country and all around the world through their wealthy donors in their last desperate attempts to destabilize the world and form a one world government of tyranny and oppression. 

I'm not writing this blog to impose my ideologies on anybody, nor am I trying to indoctrinate anybody into joining the Trump movement, I am only saying now, that voting for Donald J. Trump is our last chance for freedom. We cannot overlook or undermine the danger that is facing our country, and for all Americans, we must use common sense on election day and vote for Donald J. Trump.