Saturday, December 31, 2016

Trump Our President And Savior

Written by: Rianna Richards
Published on Google's on December 31, 2016

This entire year went by quite rapidly in such stupendous political year with the inception of Trump's transition from President-elect to the seat of the Presidency on January 20, 2017. 

If I may say, the Conservative Republicans and every freedom loving American who supported Donald J. Trump from the presidential primaries to the presidential elections have been through so much in this political year to be completely honest; it was mentally and physically exhausting; but, worth all the hard work in the end.

I never thought for a moment, the name; George Soros would mingle by any shape or form with the globalists and the Bilderberg group. I'll be careful not to disseminate anything I know about these groups; it is up to your conscience and how you may desire to connect the dots together.

Nevertheless, not prejudiced against George Soros' old age; let's be mindful here; this is a timeworn man who mistakenly believes he's twenty-four years of age. A mighty monetary Goliath who thinks, he can control the world with his wealth, and who feels far superior to us as if he is God himself. 

In a Psychological Study of the inner thinking and perceptions of George Soros, and if we are to dissect the early beginnings of this particular individual, which we have learned from his natural background; was born into a well-to-do Jewish family in Hungary. 

At the age of fourteen, Soros collaborated with the ruthless Nazis in assisting the confiscation of Jewish property during the Holocaust, and sadly, while the Jewish people were being shipped off to death camps in Europe, particularly Germany, Poland, and Hungary. 

George Soros is not the savior he purported us to be; but, instead, he is the greatest villain of the twenty-first century. 

In truth, we don't yet quite understand the intentions of George Soros' latest false accusation that Donald J. Trump is a dictator. Another distorted narrative, rather, as he whipped up our U.S. political spectrum, in his last efforts to fundamentally brainwash and manipulate his sheeple into believing he's a messiah. 

In fact, the truth of the matter is, Donald J. Trump is currently the only Savior of the world, and he is not a dictator. Trump will save the United States of America and the rest of the world from a catastrophic World War III.

No matter how much money George Soros injected into these destabilization programs he funded in the United States and other parts of the world, it will never be a success. 

Americans are awakening now and are resisting the evil and illegal interference of foreign dictators, criminals, and tyrannical governments on the Constitutional rights of all Americans. 

Monday, December 19, 2016

Crying Wolf On Trump - Rewind

Written by: Rianna Richards
Published on Google's on December 19, 2016

The brunt of the mainstream media's propaganda on our newly elected President has been more frustrating to the Conservatives and the Republicans than any other political groups in the United States. 

One might ask, why is the mainstream media dragging on with this propaganda and smear campaigning wars far too long since Trump won the election fair and square on November 09, 2016? 

Why can't they accept defeat and surrender to the will of the American people? 

Since November 09, 2016 our mainstream media bombarded our televisions with footage of Anti-Trump protestors on the streets of major U.S. cities, whilst screaming their lungs out, "He's Not My President!" More compelling yet were the hundreds of evil psychopaths with their very dark hearts, went on Twitter and display incredibly cruel hashtags, in what appeared to be their last psychotic efforts of terrorizing the American voters with calls to destroy Trump and deny him of the presidency. 

Days later, Dr. Jill Stein with the blessings of her globalist masters and co-conspirators came out and filed petitions in court for a recount, and, when they couldn't find any fraudulent activities in the recounts, they all cried wolf, "the Russians hacked the election for Donald J. Trump!" 

Oh really? How gullible and pathetic are they! 

If the Russians were involving in hacking the election, why is it that the Democratic Party doesn't have one single evidence whatsoever to confirm that the Russians had anything to do with the hacking of the DNC or John Podesta's email accounts? 

The truth is, and let's be clear from this point on if your story is one-sided and based solely on fabrications to smear and tarnish the reputation of your enemy; Americans will revolt, and in doing so, their mass migration to other alternative news sources will be catastrophic.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

America's Sovereignty And Future In Peril

Written by: Rianna Richards
Published on Google's on December 17, 2016

Now that the election is over, and as we await Donald J. Trump's inauguration on January 20, 2017, we, the nationalists and patriotic Americans know undoubtedly, his presidency is our last chance of living in a free and sovereign country.


A red Trump hat on a table in Rianna Richards' home library in Seattle, Washington. Photograph by Rianna Richards on September 05, 2016.

The chaotic and disruptive events that occurred hours after the declaration of Trump's victory on the early morning of November 09, 2016, was both terrifying and undemocratic, particularly in my view, shocking that such events would occur right after a peaceful election. I am talking about the anti-Trump protests and the people who rebuked the will of the majority of Americans who needed change and a new direction for the United States of America; you know it, and I know it, "The Land Of The Free." 

Our leaders of both the Republican Party and Democratic Party must understand that the majority of the people of the United States have had enough of the past eight years. Americans need a complete and drastic change; they need a leader like Donald J. Trump that stands up and says, "enough is enough, we are changing the direction of the country, and we'll #MakeAmericaGreatAgain!" 

In the same token, a nationalistic standard where we the people are taking our country back from the influence of dictators, criminals, communists, tyrants, killers and globalists. And more precisely from foreign entities who don't comprehend the meaning of "Americans love freedom and their sovereignty." 

Do you quite understand what a constitutional republic stands for or not? It stands for independence, freedom, sovereignty and its laws define the uniqueness of the American empire and its people.

Today, there is no choice but to stand with our President-elect Donald J. Trump and support him. Whether you voted for him or not, let's give him and his new administration a chance to bring change to our country, in rebuilding our economy, infrastructure, military, bringing jobs to America and so much more greatness. 

We can only lead our country to prosperity if we, all freedom loving Americans work together and unite under the leadership of our new President-elect Donald J. Trump and his new administration of intellectual and experienced Americans to bring about that change our country and people need now and for future generations.