Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Saving America's Sovereignty 2017

Written by: Rianna Richards
Published on Google's Blogger.com on January 03, 2017

Donald J. Trump's path to the White House hasn't been an easy journey after all. The road to the White House is bumpy, treacherous and rightfully scary; it's more spine-chilling than an assassination plot in a Steven King novel. 

What happened to the smooth transition of power Barack Hussein Obama promised the American people on November 09, 2016? 

I remember having a very civil discussion with some Republican friends in Seattle, a few days after Obama made that announcement on the afternoon of November 09, 2016. I told my friends, "watch; it wouldn't be a smooth transition. George Soros and the globalists will do everything in their power and might, solely to delegitimize Trump from becoming the 45th President of the United States of America." 

Rightfully so, we are beginning to see a trend; a frightening pattern in these last sixteen days before the presidential inauguration on January 20, 2017. Peculiarly, the dark forces of Lucifer have unleashed through the mainstream media their repeated false propagandas, threats and distorted narratives of unspecified Russian hacking as a way to roadblock Donald J. Trump from taking the reigns, and save America from war and complete annihilation of our very own existence.

The globalists' agenda of doom and destruction will never prevail because Americans resist the demonic power of Baal and his cult.

Americans must stand together for the love of God and country and reject the intrusion of foreign powers in our politics and government. We must never forget, our sovereignty as a nation is imperative; it gives us freedom, self-sufficient and independence and more importantly, the right to choose a leader like Donald J. Trump who will bring prosperity to the American people and contribute to making America great again. 

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